A new mortgage doesn’t have to mean moving house. We are Xpert mortgage advisors and will support you finding the best remortgages Liverpool has to offer.

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When should I remortgage?

Remortgaging means you take out a new mortgage with a better rate or term to replace your current one.

Lenders often offer free valuations and free legal services to new customers meaning there may be no additional cost to changing to a new lender.

Remortgages can be suitable for the following circumstances:

  • Your current mortgage may be based on an introductory offer, if this is coming to an end it could be time to remortgage
  • To get a better interest – it could help you reduce your monthly outgoings
  • To release equity to fund home improvements
  • To cover a large expense like a wedding or school fees
  • To release funds to use as a deposit for a buy-to-let property
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Product Transfers

What is a product transfer?

Many lenders now offer Product Transfers to their existing customers. This can sometimes be ideal in the following circumstances:

  • To avoid the perceived hassle of changing to a new lender
  • To get a better interest – it could help you reduce your monthly outgoings
  • If circumstances have changed making moving to a new lender difficult
  • Usually, no valuation is required
  • Some lenders will also offer Further Advances to existing borrowers

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