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Increase The Selling Power Of Your Home

Here are our top tips to increase the selling power of your home during a cost-of-living crisis.

If you are planning to sell your home during this cost-of-living crisis, it is essential to obtain professional advice and do your research.

Knowing the market

Knowing the current market trends will help you to accurately price your property and make sure you achieve the best possible outcome. Be objective when looking at what else is on the market, and what else a potential buyer could buy, and focus on all the reasons why someone would choose your house. Consider what works for tomorrow’s buyer. Knowing the market is essential to understanding how to increase the selling power of your home.

You may also need to be prepared to negotiate on price and have realistic expectations when it comes to offers. You should keep up with routine maintenance while putting your home on the market.

The property catwalk

A well-presented home will make all the difference in attracting potential buyers and is a good way to increase the selling power of your home. It may be more difficult to try and sell a property with an abundance of repair and decoration needs, particularly during the winter and especially during such an unpredictable time economically. A project house is obviously different, but if you think your property would benefit from a few low-maintenance updates, it may well increase interest.

Also, consider investing in professional cleaning services or carrying out small renovations such as repainting or replacing carpets if necessary. In addition, staging your home properly is an effective way to showcase its advantages. Your estate agent can provide advice on how best to prepare your property for the market, including what furniture and decoration would be most appealing to potential buyers.

It is really difficult, but try to remove the clutter, family photos and all the things that make it your home rather than someone else’s. The aim is to make it fairly neutral in appearance so whoever is coming to see the property can imagine themselves in it. A relatively blank canvas is ideal, so try to cut the emotional ties, which will also make moving easier. Your estate agent should also work with you to put together a comprehensive marketing package that is sure to reach the right people. But you may need to be agile and flexible, which could mean compromising or working with the buyer’s needs and requirements when selling in this current climate, such as negotiating a different completion date that works with their situation.


1. Price your home competitively – When selling your home during this cost of living crisis, it is essential to price your property competitively. Use professional appraisal services and market research to determine an accurate valuation for your home. Consider local competition, recent sales data and other factors that influence property prices in your area.

2. Prepare the property for sale – Investing in professional cleaning, repairs, and renovations can help make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Ensure that all rooms are tidy, organised and clutter-free so that buyers can easily visualise themselves living there. Also, consider staging techniques, such as adding furniture or décor items to give each room a sense of character and style.

3. Utilise professional resources – Utilising professional services such as a professional mortgage adviser, solicitor, estate agent and surveyor will help ensure that the selling process runs smoothly. This means you’ll receive advice on legal documents, marketing campaigns and other important procedures to maximise your chances of success.

4. Leverage online resources – Make the most of technology by using online listings and social media platforms to advertise your home. Professional photos, descriptive copy and detailed information about your property will make it stand out from the crowd. Consider utilising virtual viewings or video tours for potential buyers who cannot come in person to view the property.

5. Negotiate effectively – Be sure to consider all offers carefully before making a decision. If you are not happy with an initial offer, be professional and courteous when negotiating a better deal. Consider all factors, such as the buyer’s financial situation, timeframe and other requirements to reach an agreement that works for both parties.


The property market has and always will continue to fluctuate. As such, it is essential to remain in touch with its movements and adapt as the climate shifts, and it’s equally important that you remain confident in your property and all it can offer someone. By following these tips, you will increase your chances of selling your home quickly and efficiently during this cost of living crisis. Professional services, competitive pricing and effective negotiation are essential for a successful sale. It also pays to have patience. Don’t get discouraged if there are no offers right away – keep marketing your home and remain open-minded when it comes to potential buyers. With some dedication and professional help, you can increase the selling power of your home and successfully sell your home during this difficult time.

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